Drafting your Constitution

Drafting your Constitution

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Clubs should refer to Section 2.9 (Constitution of the Affiliate) under the FUSA Clubs & Student Communities Regulations regarding drafting their constitution. The current regulations can be accessed via Manage Your Club.

Typically, Constitutions for FUSA affiliates are required to contain:

  • The official name of the Club
  • The aims an objectives of the Club
  • A provision for holding an Annual General Meeting of the membership at least once per year (although may optionally require more than one scheduled General Meeting per year)
  • A provision for calling other General Meetings of the membership. This must contain a provision that allows a proportion of the Club’s membership to call a General Meeting of the Club if the Executive is absent or refuses to hold a General Meeting.
  • A provision for amending the constitution in General Meeting
  • A provision for expulsion of members (consistent with the FUSA’s Clubs & Student Communities Regulations)
  • A provision that the Club remains Not For Profit
  • A provision for winding up the Club, including that all FUSA funded/provided equipment, assets and funding be returned to the Flinders University Student Association.

A template for Constitutions is available on the Manage Your Club page. It is strongly recommended that Clubs use this template to form the basis of their constitution.

For queries relating to drafting your constitution, you can email the Program Coordinator, Clubs & Student Communities or General Secretary.

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