Annual General Meeting / General Meetings

Annual General Meeting / General Meetings

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The Club is required to run at least one General Meeting open to and advertised to the Club’s membership, each calendar year. The Club may optionally require more than one General Meeting to be held under its constitution. The Club’s required General Meeting to formerly re-elect its office bearers and provide its annual reports is known as its ‘Annual General Meeting’. Any additional meetings of the club’s membership are simply referred to as ‘General Meetings’. The General Secretary must be notified of the General Meeting at least one week prior to the meeting being held.

General Meetings of the Club’s membership are required to conduct business such as:

1. Providing reports since the last General Meeting
2. Democratically electing new Executive members (required at least annually)
3. Making changes to the Club’s constitution
4. Voting to affiliate/disaffiliate with FUSA
5. Changing bank account signatories
6. Taking disciplinary action against/expelling a member

An agenda and minutes template is available on the Manage Your Club page for holding an Annual General Meeting. Formal minutes must be recorded for all General Meetings, including the date, who attended, what was discussed and any passed/failed motions. These minutes must be provided to the General Secretary and Program Coordinator, Clubs & Student Communities following the meeting. To apply for affiliation, it is strongly recommended that the Club use the provided Annual General Meeting template, as these minutes must be provided within the Club’s application.

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