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Clubs are required to abide by their approved constitution. These are the standard operating procedures for each Club, which dictate position, election, meeting, financial and other requirements.

The FUSA Clubs & Student Communities Regulations stipulate the minimum requirements for Clubs to abide by (including the minimum requirements for a Club’s constitution), however, a Club’s constitution may in some cases have stricter requirements than dictated in the regulations.

Alterations to a Club’s constitution must be in line with the FUSA Clubs & Student Communities Regulations. To change the Club’s constitution, the Club must:

  • Pass a motion to adopt constitutional changes in a General Meeting (whether via an Annual General Meeting or other general meeting). This general meeting must be open and advertised to all registered members of the Club, and proposed constitutional changes must be noted in the general meeting notice.
  • All changes must be communicated to the General Secretary no later than one week after approval.

Proposed alterations should ideally be sent to the General Secretary with sufficient notice prior to the general meeting, to ensure it can be checked for adherence to the Clubs & Student Communities Regulations. Alterations to a constitution that conflict with the minimum requirements set by the Clubs & Student Communities Regulations must not be enforced and should be rolled back immediately.

Clubs that fail to abide by their constitution, or enact unenforceable constitutional changes will be referred to Student Council. This could lead to formal warning, penalties, or disaffiliation with the Flinders University Student Association.

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