Permitted use of funding

Permitted use of funding

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With the exceptions outlined in the Restricted and Prohibited sections below, clubs may spend FUSA-provided funding if the expenses are either:

1. Are in line with the club’s aims per its constitution, and;
2. Engage the club’s membership and/or Flinders students, and/or;
3. Promotes the club and/or its activities.


The club must obtain prior approval and follow any applicable directions from the Clubs Officer for expenses relating to:
1. Hire of contractors/services operating on Flinders’ campuses
2. Payment to any club member other than for reimbursement
3. Donation of any funding to an individual or organisation
4. Payments to services where a club member may have a conflict of interest (e.g: family/friend relationship to owners/management, etc.)
5. Spending Pool Funding in a way that differs to the approved proposal (including any conditions of approval)

Prizes and gifts may only be purchased under the following conditions:
1. No more than 25% of a club’s funding may be spent on prizes per year. No more than 10% of a club’s annual funding may be spent on gifts.
2. Competitions must be via a fair random/competitive process and open to either all club members, Flinders students or otherwise approved by the Clubs Officer.
3. Gifts to members may only be for recognition for outstanding or long service to the club, not exceeding $20 (unless via prior approval from the Clubs Officer).
4. Current executive members may not receive gifts or prizes.


Funding must not be used for expenses relating to:

1. Supporting a political party/candidate at the Commonwealth, State/Territory or Local levels.
2. Services that would profit any club member and/or their families
3. Hire services that a club member or their family has a pecuniary interest in
4. Purchase tobacco, alcohol or illicit substances
5. Contravene Flinders University policies or Australian laws.

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