Flinders Security

Flinders University Security are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As FUSA staff do not work out of standard business hours, clubs should call Flinders Security for any issues regarding access or incidents outside of standard business hours. To contact Security, call them...

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General Secretary

The General Secretary is a student elected to FUSA Student Council, and is council's representative for Clubs & Societies. The General Secretary processes applications for affiliation (reviewed in Student Council meetings) and monitors regulatory compliance. The General Secretary and Clubs & Events Officer work closely together to improve regulations, investigate formal complaints or regulatory breaches, and review applications submitted in Annual Review. For queries regarding regulations and compliance, email general.secretary@flinders.edu.au. The General Secretary should also be emailed to supply details of constitutional amendments and General Meeting agendas/minutes....

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FUSA Clubs Facebook Group

Clubs are provided with regular updates via the FUSA Clubs, Societies & Associations Facebook Group. This group is also available to discuss club issues with other club executive and committee members. It is strongly recommended that all club executives join this group to ensure they...

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FUSA Administration

The FUSA Administration Team provides the administrative support for the clubs program. You should speak to the Administration Team for queries relating to: Equipment Hire Room Hire Outstanding grant applications Event Registration Club payments/reimbursements Club printing Club Space access To contact the Administration Team, you can email fusa@flinders.edu.au, call (08) 8201...

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Student Representation & Development Officer

The Student Representation & Development Officer (SRDO) works to improve student representation mechanisms on campus and empower students to ensure the university considers their needs and interests in its projects and decisions. The Student Representation & Development Officer works with Academic Associations to both improve the Association's representative structure and establish & strengthen the Association's relationship with its associated College. The current officer is Michelle Tatyzo, who has a wealth of knowledge regarding representation and opportunities for academic development. Academic Associations may contact the SRDO directly for queries at michelle.tatyzo@flinders.edu.au....

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Clubs & Events Officer

FUSA's Clubs & Events Officer (herein referred to as the 'Clubs Officer') manages the Clubs & Associations program at a strategic level to increase student engagement, resources and student engagement within Flinders' clubs & associations. The Clubs & Events Officer is also involved with the...

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