Club & Association Regulations

Club & Association Regulations

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The FUSA Club Regulations outline the minimum requirements for all affiliated clubs. It is a condition of the club’s continued affiliation with FUSA that it adhere to these regulations on an ongoing basis. Clubs should ensure they have read and understand the Club Regulations prior to affiliating with FUSA.

The FUSA Club Regulations include rules relating to:

  • Requirements of registering/affiliating with FUSA
  • Changing level of affiliation and winding up club
  • Renewal of affiliation
  • Required provisions of club constitution
  • Alterations to club constitution
  • General Meetings/Annual General Meetings
  • Office Bearers
  • Maintaining club membership
  • Expulsion of members
  • Club membership fees
  • Use of grant funding
  • Financial recording/reporting
  • Maintaining a record of assets
  • Disciplinary action against club
  • Winding up due to inactivity

To locate the FUSA Club Regulations, you can find them under the “Information” section of Manage Your Club or on the Constitution and Regulations page.

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