Using external businesses & services

Using external businesses & services

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Clubs who intend to use external businesses, services or contractors on campus must consult with the Program Coordinator, Clubs & Student Communities prior to making any commitment. Clubs are required to contact the Program Coordinator, Clubs & Student Communities (or notify FUSA via the Event Registration process) no later than 10 business days’ prior to the event/activity.

For activities on campus, Clubs must use services currently registered in the Registered Contractors List wherever applicable. If a similar service is not available in the Registered Contractors List, FUSA may require the service to register as a contractor with Flinders University. Please note that this is not an instant process and requires extensive documentation from the provider as well as formal approval from the Flinders University Property, Facilities & Development division. FUSA has no ability to influence the time required to approve contractor registration, and cannot guarantee approval will be provided.

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