Public Liability Insurance Coverage

Public Liability Insurance Coverage

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Affiliated clubs are covered under the Flinders University Public Liability Insurance policy on the condition that they:

  • Register club events and activities, and;
  • Abide by FUSA Regulations and Guidelines, and;
  • Abide by Flinders University policies & by-laws, and;
  • Follow the instructions of FUSA & Flinders University staff

This cover insures the University’s common law liability to pay damages in the event it acts (or omits to act) in such a manner that it causes personal injury or damage to other persons or their property. It must be foreseeable that such acts or omissions would lead to injury or damage. This coverage consequently extends to all affiliated clubs of the Flinders University Student Association. Please note that this insurance does not offer Property Protection for clubs, club members or those involved in club events and activities.

A copy of the Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency can be supplied upon request by contacting the Program Coordinator, Clubs & Student Communities. If you are unsure whether your club is adequately covered for its events and activities, please contact us as soon as possible prior to conducting the activity.

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