Applying for additional funding (Pool Funding)

Applying for additional funding (Pool Funding)

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Financially affiliated Clubs and Collectives may apply for additional funding for specific projects (known as ‘Pool Funding’). Unlike the Start-Up Grant and General Funding, access to Pool Funding is not guaranteed, and applications are via a competitive process. Pool Funding applications are reviewed in at least four rounds each year.

To apply for Pool Funding, submit a proposal by completing the “Apply for Pool Funding” form on the Manage Your Club page during the specified dates for application.

As this is a competitive process, Clubs should aim to submit thoughtful and detailed proposals that:

  • Show evidence of consideration/research/planning
  • Have a realistic breakdown of costs in the project budget
  • Focus on the engagement of Flinders University students
  • Are/can become financially sustainable (i.e; are unlikely to require further access to additional Pool Funding in future)

The Pool Funding Assessment Panel will review applications and allocate funding in the way it believes will generate the most student engagement. As Pool Funding is limited and in very high demand, the panel will typically seek to fund expenses that are essential to ensuring an event, activity or project can occur; before allocating funding for non-essential expenses.

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