Club Grants

Club Grants are available to all FUSA financially affiliated clubs. If you are not financially affiliated, please click here for information.

Club Grants are designed to assist clubs to get started and with ongoing operations, events and activities. Clubs are eligible to receive grants of up to $1,000 per year (with an additional $500 Start-Up Grant in the first year of affiliation). Alternatively, Collectives are eligible for $2,000 per year, and Academic Associations are eligible for $3,000 per year. If you are unsure if this refers to your club , please contact the Program Coordinator, Clubs & Student Communities.

Club Grant Funding Restrictions

There are restrictions upon how club funding may be used, and it is important to make yourself aware of these restrictions.

Club Grant funding can be spent on any club activity, with the following restrictions:

    • No amount of club grant funding may be used on alcohol, tobacco products or illegal products and services.
    • No amount of club grant funding may be used to support a political party or the election of a person as a member of the legislature of the Commonwealth, State or Territory Parliament or a local government body, including but not limited to the provision of financial assistance, organising volunteer labour, paying membership and affiliation fees and giving gifts or gifts-in kind.

The Club, Collectives and Academic Associations Regulations outline these restrictions in full, and can be found under the Information section of the Manage Your Club page of the FUSA website.

Club Funding Categories

A list of the categories for club funding is available below.

START-UP GRANT $500 per year (available in the first year of affiliation)

GENERAL FUNDING – CLUBS $1,000 per year

GENERAL FUNDING – COLLECTIVES $2,000 per year (formally endorsed Collectives only)

GENERAL FUNDING – ACADEMIC ASSOCIATIONS $3,000 per year (formally endorsed Academic Associations only)

POOL FUNDING A pool of funding is available to clubs, collectives and academic associations via an application. These applications are reviewed by a panel at least four times per year (see Important Dates), and applications are assessed on their capacity to engage Flinders University students and/or provide useful services to the student community. Details are emailed to clubs and posted on the FUSA Clubs Facebook group prior each round.

PRINT CREDIT $100 per year for printing, photocopying and laminating services in the FUSA Office. FUSA administration staff will keep a record of your remaining funds.

Club Access to Grant Funding

Clubs affiliated at the Financial level may submit a breakdown of their intended use of funding. On approval, funding is typically transferred to the clubs bank account, however, FUSA may deem it necessary to manage expenditure on the club’s behalf (similar to Non-Financial Affiliates, see below).

Clubs affiliated at the Non-Financial level may access Start-Up Grant funding through the following mechanisms:

  • Clubs may submit an application including a receipt of goods/services purchased. FUSA will reimburse the club through a deposit into the account of club.
  • Clubs may submit an application including quote/invoice/link for a good or service they wish FUSA to pay on their behalf.

Please note that the deadline for all applications for funding are outlined in Important Dates. Requests made after the specified dates may not be processed, or will be deducted from the club’s funding from the following year where possible. Remaining unused funding does not roll over to the next year.

How To Apply for Club Grant Funding

Applying for grants can be a complicated process. FUSA is always here to help. To apply for any of the above grants that you qualify for, please complete the Grant Application Form. Remember if you have any questions about the entire process, please email the Program Coordinator, Clubs & Student Communities at or call the FUSA Reception on (08) 8201 2371.