FUSA Club & Association Awards

Each year, FUSA recognises the fantastic achievements of its affiliated Clubs & Associations in an annual award ceremony. Nominations typically open toward the end of the previous year,  and the awards are announced on Clubs Day (the third day of O’Week Semester One) to recognise Club/Association achievements over the previous calendar year.

All executive, committee and general members of FUSA affiliated Clubs & Associations are encouraged to attend the Club & Association Awards. Speak to your Club/Association’s Executive for more details closer to the event.


Club/Association Member of the Year

2014: Leisha Mugford
Flinders University Digital Gaming Enthusiasts

2015: Michael Wilson
Thinking CaPS

2016: Henry Liu
Cultural Connections

2017: Sean Henschke
Flinders University Queer Society

2018: Nathan Cheetham
Flinders University Queer Society

Best Event, Activity or Project

2014: Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Flinders Story event

2015: Flinders Speakeasy
Speakeasy Creative Readings

2016: Flinders Medical Students Society
Med Revue

2017: Indonesian Students Association (PPIA)
Indonesian Cultural Night

2018: Flinders University Queer Society
Pride Fest

Best New Club/Association

2014: Flinders University Social Work Society

2015: Flinders Education Students Association

2016: Health & Human Rights Group

2017: Flinders Lions Campus Club

2018: Flinders University Student Exchange Club

Most Improved Club/Association

2014: Flinders Business School Students Association

2015: Thinking CaPS

2016: Flinders Psychology Students Association

2017: Flinders University Queer Society

2018: Flinders University Hellenic Association

Club/Association of the Year

2014: Flinders Archaeological Society

2015: Flinders Archaeological Society

2016: Flinders Medical Students Society

2017:  Japanese Cultural Club

2018:  Palaeontology Society (Best Club), Medical Students Society (Best Academic Association)

Most Active Club/Association

Most Active Club

2014: Japanese Speakers Club

2015:  Flinders Evangelical Students

2016: Japanese Speakers Club

2017: Flinders Evangelical Students

2018: Japanese Cultural Club

Miscellaneous Awards


Elizabeth Lemon Award – Excellent in the supply of sausage meat: Flinders University Digital Gaming Enthusiasts
Samir Nagheenanajar Award – Mastery in the use of printing services: Flinders Evangelical Students
George Costanza Award – Most likely to scare the Clubs Officer into induced cardiac arrest: Flinders University Speleological Society
Bernard Black Award – Most frequent visitors of local bars: Flinders Pastafarians


Bachelor of Arts (Red Tape) – Most compliant in administrative requirements: Flinders University Digital Gaming Enthusiasts
Inanimate Carbon Rod Award – Best Merchandise: Flinders University Archaeological Society – “ArchSocks”
April Ludgate Award – Most registered meetings: History & International Relations Student Association
Pun of the Year Award – Best Pub Crawl Theme: Flinders Business School Student Association – “Whisky Business”


Donald Trump Award – Club most likely to be responsible for FUSA’s Financial Ruin (Most approved Pool Funding): Flinders Motorsport
Blanketsburg Award – Most Creative Use of Plaza and Student Hub: Flinders University Digital Gaming Enthusiasts
Kardashian Award – Club most often in the public eye: Thinking CaPS
Nick “Goose” Bradshaw Award – Best Wingman (Best supporting club member): Zhen Han – Cultural Connections


Anna Wintour Award – Best Club Publication: Flinders Law Students’ Association
Moby Award – Best Event Held in the Club Space: Flinders University Vegan and Vegetarian Society – Vegan Picnic 2017
Al Gore Award – Most Environmentally Friendly Club: Flinders Permaculture Committee
Sir Bob Geldof Award – Best Fundraising Event: Health & Human Rights Group – HEAT Night 2017


Sir Tim Berners-Lee Award – Best Club/Association Website: Flinders Automotive Solar Team
Scott Beigel Award – Service to the Student Community: Flinders Law Students Association
Students As Partners Award: Best Collaborative Project: Students of Biology Association – ‘Grow, Eat, Learn’ Project