FUSA recognises the achievements of affiliated clubs and societies through the annual FUSA Club Awards.


Best Event, Activity or Project

2014: Chinese Students and Scholars Association – Flinders Story event
2015: Flinders Speakeasy – Speakeasy Creative Readings
2016: Flinders Medical Students Society – Med Revue 2016
2017: Indonesian Students Association (PPIA) – Indonesian Cultural Night 2017

Most Active Club

2014: Japanese Speakers Club
2015:  Flinders Evangelical Students
2016: Japanese Speakers Club
2017: Flinders Evangelical Students

Best New Club

2014: Flinders University Social Work Society
2015: Flinders Education Students Association
2016: Health & Human Rights Group
2017: Flinders Lions Campus Club

Most Improved Club

2014: Flinders Business School Students Association
2015: Thinking CaPS
2016: Flinders Psychology Students Association
2017: Flinders University Queer Society

Club of the Year

2014: Flinders Archaeological Society
2015: Flinders Archaeological Society
2016: Flinders Medical Students Society
2017: Japanese Cultural Club

Club Member of the Year

2014: Leisha Mugford – Flinders University Digital Gaming Enthusiasts
2015: Michael Wilson – Thinking CaPS
2016: Henry Liu – Cultural Connections
2017: Sean Henschke – Flinders University Queer Society

Miscellaneous Awards

Elizabeth Lemon Award – Excellent in the supply of sausage meat: Flinders University Digital Gaming Enthusiasts
Samir Nagheenanajar Award – Mastery in the use of printing services: Flinders Evangelical Students
George Costanza Award – Most likely to scare the Clubs Officer into induced cardiac arrest: Flinders University Speleological Society
Bernard Black Award – Most frequent visitors of local bars: Flinders Pastafarians

Bachelor of Arts (Red Tape) – Most compliant in administrative requirements: Flinders University Digital Gaming Enthusiasts
Inanimate Carbon Rod Award – Best Merchandise: Flinders University Archaeological Society – “ArchSocks”
April Ludgate Award – Most registered meetings: History & International Relations Student Association
Pun of the Year Award – Best Pub Crawl Theme: Flinders Business School Student Association – “Whisky Business”

Donald Trump Award – Club most likely to be responsible for FUSA’s Financial Ruin (Most approved Pool Funding): Flinders Motorsport
Blanketsburg Award – Most Creative Use of Plaza and Student Hub: Flinders University Digital Gaming Enthusiasts
Kardashian Award – Club most often in the public eye: Thinking CaPS
Nick “Goose” Bradshaw Award – Best Wingman (Best supporting club member): Zhen Han – Cultural Connections

Anna Wintour Award – Best Club Publication: Flinders Law Students’ Association
Moby Award – Best Event Held in the Club Space: Flinders University Vegan and Vegetarian Society – Vegan Picnic 2017
Al Gore Award – Most Environmentally Friendly Club: Flinders Permaculture Committee
Sir Bob Geldof Award – Best Fundraising Event: Health & Human Rights Group – HEAT Night 2017