Start-Up Grant

Start-Up Grant

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The Start-Up Grant is available to assist Clubs in getting necessary equipment and resources within their first year of affiliation. Clubs are eligible to receive a $500 Start-Up Grant if they meet the following criteria:

  • The Club has applied for affiliation with the Flinders University Student Association for the first time in the current year (i.e; applied for affiliation at either a Non-Financial or Financial Level), and;
  • The Club maintains an open (i.e; non-exclusive) membership (although may restrict membership to Flinders students only)

The Start-Up Grant may only be used within the first calendar year of the Club’s affiliation with FUSA. Any remaining funding unspent by the Funding Deadlines will be lost.

To access this funding, the Club must complete the Grant Application Form.

If the Club is affiliated at the Financial Level, funding will typically be transferred directly into the Club’s official bank account. If the Club is affiliated at the Non-Financial Level, all expenditure of the Club’s Start-Up Funding will be managed by FUSA, and may only be used to purchase club assets (e.g: banners,  tablecloths, required equipment, etc.). Non-Financial Clubs are not permitted to use Start-Up Funding to cover event expenses such as catering, venue hire, etc.

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