Student Progress


‘Difficulty Progressing’ and ‘Formal Review of Progress’ procedures

The University tracks every student’s course grades to ensure satisfactory progress towards completing a degree. You can read the full policy and procedures here

The University will use the criteria below based on student’s results to contact those experiencing “Difficulty progressing” through their degree. If you fall into these criteria you will be contacted by Student Experience. The criteria are below –

  • failed a topic more than once
  • failed 50% or more units of the total attempted units for the course
  • are unable to meet any professional registration or accreditation requirements and/or inherent requirements of the course. This includes being unable to complete a placement in accordance with the Work Integrated Learning Policy
  • fail to meet any other progression criteria determined by the authorised delegate

Student Experience will notify you that you have been identified as experiencing difficulty progressing by your College using the above criteria.  Their role is to make you aware of the support services and/or academic skill development opportunities that are available.  They will also provide you with the resources to develop a plan to address issues that may be affecting your performance.

It is recommended that you engage with this process as if you don’t engage your case may be escalated if your progress does not improve.


‘Ongoing’ or ‘Escalating Difficulty Progressing’ procedures

Students will be identified as having ‘Ongoing’ or ‘Escalating difficulty progressing” if  you have met the above criteria for any two or more semester during the period of your enrolled course or you fail to meet the conditions of a restricted study plan or any related performance requirements.

If you are identified as meeting the criteria of ‘ongoing’ or ‘escalating difficulty progressing’, your case will be reviewed by a College advisor who will refer all students identified along with any relevant information or recommendations to the Dean (Education) within your College for an initial evaluation.

The Dean (Education) or their delegate will evaluate all identified students and determine the students who will be subject to a formal review of progress and identify students who do not require a formal review of progress as adequate plans or measures are in place or will be put in place to improve progress towards completion.


Formal Review of Progress

Students will be notified in writing that their ability to progress in their course will be formally reviewed by the relevant College Progress Committee.  The written notice will include –

  • the reasons for initiating a formal review
  • the process and deadline for submitting a written response
  • guidance on what information may be included in the response
  • the support services available, and
  • the possible outcomes and consequences of not responding.

This notice means that the University is asking you to provide an explanation and information on why you think you should be allowed to continue in your course. This should include any relevant academic and/or personal information, including any plans to improve progress towards completion. Any information provided will be treated confidentially and only used for the purpose of reviewing your ability to progress in accordance with this Policy.

If you receive a request, it is very much in your best interests to respond to it: your response matters and can influence the outcome.

  • If you do not respond to the letter, the University College Progress Committee will make a determination without your input.
  • If you do respond and explain the circumstances that have affected your studies (e.g. illness, family issues, financial issues, academic difficulties, etc.) your College Progress Committee can take this into account. Based on your response, the outcome will be one of the following might:
    • Take no action, and you’ll be allowed to continue with your studies as normal
    • Allow you to continue studying, but with conditions
    • Require you to defer your enrolment for up to a year
    • Preclude you from re-enrolling in your course and any course in the preclusion group  for up to five years, with or without conditions for re-enrolling
    • A recommendation made that your enrolment in the course be terminated and you be precluded from enrolling in any course in the preclusion group
    • Any other requirements or conditions determined by the College Progress Committee

In any of the above scenarios, the opportunity to take action is available. Student Assist can help you to understand these processes and support you along the way with practical help in how and when to respond. The processes might seem daunting, but they are designed to give you every opportunity to succeed.