Final Grade Review

Often it is not until you receive your final grade that you realise it was not what you expected, and you are dissatisfied with this grade as it has implications for a GPA or preclusion or financial considerations.

The process you can follow to appeal starts with establishing you have grounds to appeal. The University policy defines grounds of appeal as either the assessment processes were not followed, or the final grade is wrong or unfair. It is also useful in this process to understand and develop your arguments and case as to why the grade is unfair. It is not enough to disagree with the grade there should be further considerations.

The next part of the process is your responsibility. You must initiate the review of your grade by contacting the topic coordinator as soon as you receive your grade. If you are unhappy with the outcome of these discussions you can then write to the Dean of the School within 20 working days (weekends and public holidays are not counted as working days) of receiving your grade. The letter must outline your request for a grade review, as well as the grounds you are basing your appeal on and what type of review you are seeking.

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the Dean’s decision, you can then lodge an appeal with the Students Appeal Committee within 20 working days of the notification of the outcome. Again there are specific grounds including that assessment processes were not followed or the decision did not take into account all the facts or circumstances or evidence.

As with any disputes within the University, it is worthwhile consulting the policies and procedures which can be found through the main FU website through the following link;
The section relating to appealing against final topic grade is Section 19 of the Assessment Policy and Procedures.