Office Bearers (Club Executive)

Office Bearers (Club Executive)

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The Club is required to maintain a minimum of three office bearers, who are tasked with the responsibility of managing the Club. These office bearers must be elected via a democratic process in a General Meeting of the Club’s membership. The office bearers are elected each year in the Club’s Annual General Meeting although may be re-elected in any General Meeting of the membership. The Club must open these positions for re-election each year unless otherwise approved by FUSA.

The roles required of each Club include the following positions:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Different titles may be used for each role provided they maintain the same function. The Club may optionally require the election of additional executive members (such as a Vice President) under its Club’s constitution. More than 50% of the Club’s executive (i.e; 2 of 3 members in a 3-person executive) must be current Flinders University students, and the President of the Club must always be a current Flinders University student.

Office Bearers/Executive Members are responsible for the management of the Club; such as determining its events, activities, use of funding, etc. As the responsible members of the Club, the executive members should ensure that no business of the Club is conducted without its approval.

While responsibilities may be divided amongst the executive, some responsibilities must be assigned to certain executive members, such as:

  • President: Chairs General Meetings & Executive Meetings (although provisions for the absence of President may be placed in the Club’s constitution). The President is the chief spokesperson for the Club, and must be a signatory on the Club’s bank account.
  • Secretary: The Secretary must maintain the Club’s membership list. The Secretary will also typically record minutes of all meetings and maintain records of all Club documentation, although these duties can be assigned to other executive members.
  • Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for all of the Club’s money, and must ensure that financial recording is accurate and that copies of all receipts/tax invoices are kept. The Treasurer is required to submit a report of the Club’s last financial year (per its constitution) to the Club’s membership in Annual General Meeting, and must be a listed signatory of the Club’s bank account.

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